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Idea and content

The 10th EUPRERA PhD seminar will be held in Groningen/Amsterdam in October 2016, as usual the days just after the EUPRERA Congress.

It is highly recommended that PhD students attend the congress as well as the seminar. There is always a special package fee including both events. For PhD student attending both the congress and the PhD seminar an informal get together will be organized during the first day of the congress to support networking during the congress.

The aim of the seminar is to provide an international setting where doctoral students within corporate communication and public relations can present their ongoing work, get feedback from experts and peers and establish a valuable network for the future.

The seminar will benefit from the impact of the congress. The main focus of the seminar will be on the work in progress of participants. A special focus will be on the variety of subjects, approaches and methods that are found at different universities. A variety of working forms will be organized to make it dynamic and inspiring. Small lectures and general discussion on research methods and philosophy of science will be included.

Before registration participants must submit a one page abstract of their PhD project together with documentation of their enrolment as PhD student. The subject of the PhD project must be related to public relations and/or organizational communication. Submit to the facilitators (see below), who will reply directly to you. There will be a limited number of 18 doctoral students. When the mentioned criteria are met, the principle will be first come, first served.

There is no deadline for submitting abstracts. However, as the number of participants is limited and as we reply directly after submission, we strongly recommend submitting the abstract as soon as possible.


By September 14 participants must submit a 10 page paper on their PhD project. It is recommended that the paper is problem focused rather than conclusive. It should be a description of the subject of interest and the theoretical and methodological approach and indicate what kind of feedback is especially wanted. Indicate also the phase of the PhD project between start and end, so that feed back could be stimulating and fair to the process. Submit the facilitators (see below).

Participants must make a presentation of their work at the seminar and prepare to give feedback to 3 papers that must be carefully read on beforehand. Shortly after August 11, when the papers have been submitted, a detailed program together with all the papers and instruction about presentation and feedback responsibilities will be distributed.

An important role of the PhD seminar is the opportunity to network with peers. It is important to share the working hours as well as the time for socializing with the seminar group. Therefore, you should not plan private tourist activities during the seminar days.



Experts and facilitators

This valuable project has been launched and conducted successfully for 9 years by Associate Professor Emeritus Inger Jensen, from Roskilde University in Denmark. From 2016 on, this project is lead by:


Dejan Verčič
Dejan Verčič is professor and head of Centre for Marketing and Public Relations at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. He received his PhD in social psychology in 2000 from the London School of Economics and Political Science. He has published over 200 articles and book chapters and 12 books. The last published were Culture and public relations (2012) and The global public relations handbook (2009). He is a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and a past president and a current member of the European Public Relations Education and Research Association. In 2014, he was a Fulbright scholar at the San Diego State University. Since 1994, he organizes an annual International Public Relations Research Symposium – BledCom.


Øyvind Ihlen
Dr. Øyvind Ihlen is a Professor at the Department of Media and Communication, University of Oslo and co-head of the political communication group here. He has published over 60 journal articles and book chapters, and written or edited eight books, including Public Relations and Social Theory: Key Figures and Concepts (2009) and the award winning Handbook of Communication and Corporate Social Responsibility (2011). Ihlen is President Elect of The European Public Relations Education and Research Association (EUPRERA). His research focuses on strategic communication and journalism, using theories of rhetoric and sociology on issues such as the environment, immigration and corporate social responsibility.





2015 PhD seminar: Oslo (4-7 October)
2014 PhD seminar
: Brussels (14-17 September)
2013 PhD seminar
: Barcelona (6-9 October)
2012 PhD seminar
: Istanbul (23-25 September)
2011 PhD seminar: Leeds (10-13 September).
2010 PhD seminar: Jyvaskyla (25-28 September).
2009 PhD seminar
Bucharest (26-28 September).
2008 PhD Seminar Milan (18-21 October).
2007 PhD seminar Roskilde (30 October - 3 September).




Comments from participants

The Barcelona Nine
Written by Pauline Madigan to commemorate a lovely time had by everyone at PhD seminar in Barcelona, Oct 2013

Dear friends, I ask you to listen
To a story I’ve to tell
About eight people I encountered
In Barcelona’s city dwell

But before I go on to tell you
About the ‘Barcelona Nine’
We must mention two other people
Who were oh so very fine

Enric – he was our host
And what a host he was,
With Maria’s help he made us see
Bacelona’s beauty and EUPRERA’s great good cause

The PhD Seminar was oh so special
We really were divine
We guided and we listened
We call ourselves – the Barcelona Nine!

The first person was Juliane
A messer she was not
She guided and provided
Us with help – so thanks a lot

Marcus was another chap
At our doctorate too
Finnish he is now
And finish his PhD he will too

The local lad was Marc
No more helpful could he have been
And let’s hope he learns to learn
To prioritise with whom he’s keen…

The new Mammy of the group
Monika – the online savvy one
But it’s her new bambino
That’s bringing her most fun

Celma was a special one
For in a room we slept
We drank, we smoked we laughed
And have secrets to be kept!!

And then there was Evandro
He’s lively, lovely and great fun
His smile was just so brilliant
He was surely our hunky, hot one!

And Sue she helped us all
Her book we will all buy
But it’s her friendship and her guidance
That we will remember her by

The last person I want to mention
You all know she’s oh so fine
For Inger – we say thank you
For your amazing time

So now, I’ll love and leave you
For this seminar was so divine
And we will always remember
The Barcelona nine!


This is a note of thanks from the PhD students who attended the first PhD seminar organised by EUPRERA at Roskilde University:

We particularly want to thank Inger Jensen whose brilliant vision this was, as well as Sue Wolstenholme, Jacob Dahl Rendtorff  who gave such valuable feedback and Anne who looked after us so well. Other people must have contributed to the success and of course EUPRERA and RUC as a whole made it possible.

We have had a fantastic time, working together from different countries and at different stages of research to solve each other's dilemmas. We are sure you  - and the wider PR community - will see the benefits of this collaboration in years to come and really hope you will support seminars like this in the future. There will be more detailed reports in the next EUPRERA newsletter, of course. With thanks to all of you and, in particular, to the kindness and dedication of Inger.

from Camilla Berggren, Alenka Jelen, Birte Fähnrich, Gisela Goncalves, Howard Nothhaft, Irène Perrin, Johanna Fawkes, Nilam Ashra, Swaran Sandhu







We have had a fantastic time, working together from different countries and at different stages of research to solve each other's dilemmas. We are sure you  - and the wider PR community - will see the benefits of this collaboration in years to come and really hope you will support seminars like this in the future.

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